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Delicate Owl is a British-based developer and manufacturer of luxury, handmade, ethical, and natural skincare products.

We only use plant-based product ingredients to create our products, which safely and effectively enhance healthy skin.

We are devoted to producing high quality artisan products with the following qualities:

  • Exceptional hand-crafted items, individually made in the UK
  • Using natural ingredients and the finest essential oils, herbs and botanicals
  • Handmade in small batches, with care to ensure the highest quality
  • No fuss or fancy sparkles, just pure natural products
  • A long lasting, natural fragrance
  • Never containing animal fats or palm oil
  • Free of parabens and MIT preservatives
  • Certified by cosmetic chemists
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • Sustainable packaging

Our History

‘Delicate Owl’ began by chance in 2012 as an Artisan luxury handmade natural soap and cosmetics maker

This all started really by chance and what some people would call fate I suppose. I’m sure a lot of other business ladies out there can relate to this story. With the general grind of day to day life, a career in advertising and marketing taking it’s toll, running around like a headless chicken and being a full time mum at the same time. I yearned to do something of my own – which was different and bold – nothing like I had ever done before. I wanted to create that work life balance of being around for my family more and doing something I loved. I did the whole cliche and escaped the rat race, moved to the country to an old thatched cottage with my family. Back to basics with a Rayburn and no central heating! Surrounded by the wonderful Hampshire countryside in an owl conservation area (which I didn’t know at the time), but what better place to spark the creative juices and indulge my pampering side? As a working mother the only time I felt like I totally relaxed in the evening was when I went for that soaking in a deep hot bath with a candle or incense burning. Just taking the time out from everything. However – I have sensitive skin and a lot of products out there on the market have a lot of synthetic fragrance or foaming agents in them. Which used to irritate my skin, so I started researching and soon realised how little I knew about what I was putting all over my body.  Simply a hobby became a reality and Delicate Owl was born.

However the research and development took much much longer…… than I ever imagined! Almost 4 years of not only researching ingredients and formulating recipes but sourcing natural recyclable packaging options for my valued products such as our natural custom printed greaseproof paper which doesn’t have any chemical treatments or coatings and our biodegradable shrink wrap film for wrapping our soaps and products. To our recycled brown kraft outer packaging. It all needed to be right as I saw no point being handmade and natural but not sustainable.

Also many of you may not know but the industry is governed and manufacturers must comply with very strict  EU legislation surrounding the making and selling of beauty products legally within the EU market. We comply with the very strict requirements set out by the European legislation which prohibits the performance of animal testing in the European Union.

ALL OF OUR DELICATE OWL PRODUCTS ARE FULLY CERTIFIED with individual Cosmetic Product Safety Reports in line with the current European Cosmetic Regulation EC 1223/2009. As a manufacturer, we reserve the right to act as the ‘Responsible Person’ for all of our products. Plus a member of the Guild of Craft soap and Toiletry Markers.  Our own unique recipes are the result of lengthy research trial and error and experimentation in order to create the perfect handmade products for you.

Beginning of 2016 was the start of thing to come – with an invite to the 2016 Best Of British Open Call at Liberty in London! Liberty’s Best of British Open Call is renowned for discovering fresh and new talented designers who are looking to have their products sold at Liberty. Each Open Day there are hundreds of hopeful designers who queue for the chance to pitch their designs to the Buying Team.

Quickly followed by winning SILVER in the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2016. https://www.delicateowl.com/product/simply-lavender-bath-bomb-65g/

It was awarded under the Bath Treat Category for our Simply Lavender – Natural Handmade Luxury Bath Bomb gift set box. This wonderful natural bath bomb helps to relieve feelings of stress, uplifts your mood and relaxes tension. All the ingredients are infused together with the finest English Lavender essential oil, blended with sweet almond and Vitamin E oil. View our SILVER Award 2016 here » http://thegreenparent.co.uk/articles/read/bathing-beauty/

Still juggling being a mum, lot’s of late nights and nearly 5 years in the making – Delicate Owl is finally up and starting to spread it’s wings.

2017 is set to be even bigger and better (hopefully) with the exciting launch of our Delicate Owl Skincare ranges and organic Shampoo & Conditioner. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date on products and offers

We hope you enjoy browsing our site and making those special purchases in order to keep the dream alive

Thank you
Sharon CEO & Founder of Delicate Owl