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Our Ethics

Our Ingredients

At Delicate Owl we pride ourselves on sourcing the best possible ingredients.

Essential Oils

All of our products contain essential oils for their therapeutic and aromatherapy benefits and we buy essential oils from the best local UK sources.

Natural Emollients

We source a wide variety of natural emollients to moisturise and reinvigorate your skin. Our Bath Bomb range contains about 10% sweet almond oil. Which is high in natural antioxidants and forms a protective, moisturising barrier preventing water loss from the skin. Our Brown sugar and vanilla products contain natural vitamin E oils which hydrate your skin and stop you losing vital water.


Although there is considerable data to support the safety of Parabens in cosmetics, due to requests from our customers we have formulated all of our products to be free from Parabens, or Paraben based preservatives.

Natural Colour & water dispersible Pigments

Wherever possible Delicate Owl products contain natural colouring via it’s ingredients such as turmeric, green tea and brown sugar. In certain products such as Simply lavender range while considered “natural” by consumers, cosmetic-grade pigments are all man-made in order to meet European Legislation approval.

Animal Testing

Delicate Owl is passionately against animal testing. We’ve never tested our products on animals. We are a hardened animal loving family ourselves, consisting of three, dogs Sir Bam Bams , Lotti and poppy the puppy and a Canadian goose, named Mo, who has taken up residency in our garden!

We comply with the very strict requirements set out by the European legislation which prohibits the performance of animal testing in the European Union for:

  • Finished products
  • Ingredients or combinations of ingredients